Since our inception, webCemeteries has been committed to creating meaningful connections between you and the families you serve. Our journey from a simple software provider to a comprehensive cemetery management and sales platform has always been fueled by innovation and empathy for the families who are experiencing tragic loss.

Introducing Upgraded Features for Remember My Journey

We are excited to announce significant enhancements to Remember My Journey, our platform designed for families to digitally memorialize their loved ones. Since its launch in 2015, Remember My Journey has hosted tens of thousands of digital memorials and even more photos and videos, and we’re proud to introduce these new features as we continue our mission in 2024.

What’s New (and Improved)

  • Revamped Designs: Choose from three new layout templates, offering additional detail about the deceased, upcoming events, and ceremonies. These designs are now optimized for a greatly enhanced mobile experience.
  • Themes: Our design team has curated nearly 70 unique themes to reflect diverse interests and legacies, ensuring that each memorial resonates with the life of the individual being memorialized.
  • Condolences and Memories: In addition to sharing memories, family and friends can now extend their condolences directly through the platform, offering comfort and support.
  • Services and Events: Seamlessly display upcoming memorial services and events, directly integrated with webCemeteries Management.
    In Lieu Of Options: Easily provide alternatives to traditional flower offerings, including donation details and links.
  • Centralized Management: Manage all aspects of Remember My Journey through the unified webCemeteries Management interface, simplifying operations for your staff.
  • Enhanced Reporting: Leverage our new reporting tools, announced at the end of 2023, to gain insights into family engagement with your public-facing software.

Remember to Explore Our Advanced and Basic Search, and Tour Integrations

Last quarter, we announced our enhanced search software, integrating it with your cemetery’s website for a more intuitive and SEO-friendly visitor experience. This integration links directly to Remember My Journey, allowing visitors to add their personal tributes effortlessly.

If you haven’t upgraded to these latest enhancements, please contact us for assistance. Our team is ready to support you in integrating these new features.

If you are not using Remember My Journey or our search and tour integrations, we invite you to discover how these solutions can enhance your services and interactions with the families you serve.

Elevate your processes
Elevate your processes

You can manage it all with webCemeteries!

Continuing the Journey

At webCemeteries, we are driven by the goal of transforming family experiences through technology. These updates to Remember My Journey are a testament to our commitment, ensuring that the legacies of loved ones are honored and preserved for future generations.

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Meet our Chief Technical Officer

Jason brings his impressive leadership experience and technical background to bear at webCemeteries. His past achievements have included managing technical mergers and acquisitions, leading a team of 20 engineers through large system transitions, and developing leading industry products. Jason’s technical leadership at webCemeteries is advancing our systems to shape tomorrow’s cemetery management software.

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This [website] project was quite an odyssey with plenty of twists and turns. The webCemeteries website design team weathered the storm. I think it’s more than fair to say that without their efforts, we would not have gotten this over the finish line…and with such an excellent outcome.

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