Modernize your record keeping and processes, and protect your valuable data, with our cemetery management software. In an existing management system? We can convert your data into webCemeteries. Still on paper? We can take on that too!

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Our mapping team creates a precise, interactive visualization of your cemetery inventory that transforms how you work and serve your families!

Power Walk-to-Grave navigation and provide real time visualization of your available inventory during sales meetings! By overlaying the locations of your memorials and trees you will also streamline your maintenance workflow.


We know your records can’t leave your office, so our team will come to you! We will scan all of your records on-site with care and efficiency.

Scanning your documents will protect you and give you peace of mind that you have backups of your paper books and records.

Data Entry

Our U.S.-based team will transcribe your records using our exclusive process and in-house proprietary software for efficient and accurate analysis and entry of your paper documents and books.

You can be assured that we will account for and understand the nuances of your multigenerational cemetery records through analysis and careful interpretation. We take pride in our high accuracy rate!

Our tried and true data entry process


A Data Entry Project Manager will reach out to you with information on what to expect. At no point do we want you to be unsure of where we are in the process.

This is also when we establish contact with a cemetery representative (or more than one!) who is an expert in your records. This is crucial to ensuring good communication and knowledge throughout the process.

Understanding Records

Your paper records cover years of information and are typically in varying formats. In this part of the process, we review sample record sets to get insight into these variations, compare location structures to ensure accurate data, and formulate questions about the records.

Capturing your expertise and knowledge about your cemetery is crucial to data entry success.

Rules Development

Our team uses the previous discussions to develop further questions and understanding about your records. We use your knowledge to develop and document rules that culminate in a Preliminary Data Analysis document. This clearly lays out what we should look for and enter from the records, how records will be linked, and any other quirks.

This step allows us to standardize your data throughout the project.

Rules Sign Off

We want to put the project rules to the test.

Our team will enter an approved sample set of records and then review them with you through our in-house proprietary software. We iterate on any feedback and document any updates to the rules. Once you have approved a final set of rules for your records we are ready to train our team and begin data entry.

Data Entry Project

The bulk of the project work begins!

The up-front work that we have done together empowers our team to enter your records in volume. The team’s training and our proprietary software allows for flagging records that do not comply with your rules or require additional internal feedback from your staff at the cemetery. Our collaborative process leverages your in-house knowledge of the cemetery while we do the heavy lifting to enter the data.

Final Review

Once the final document has been accounted for, your Data Entry PM will develop a final notes and sign-off sheet. This will be sent to you so you may review and understand all outcomes of the project.

Once you sign off, we deliver the final records in the form of webCemeteries Cemetery Management. You are now using advanced and cohesive software to manage your entire cemetery!


photo courtesy of White Haven Memorial Park - Pittsford, NY

Why choose webCemeteries?

webCemeteries has gone over and above with their excellent communication and updates! Throughout our onboarding we were kept in the loop and given thorough updates on where we were in the implementation and scheduling of our process. It was incredibly comforting since this was our first time working with a cemetery technology company!

Nate Romagnola, Vice President
White Haven Memorial Park

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