Publish your history and engage your community.

Your cemetery is place where families and friends memorialize their loved ones. webCemeteries gives you award-winning software – integrated directly in your website – to serve your families and also engage them. This gives you the opportunity demonstrate the services you offer, the beauty of your property, and drive new sales leads.

Remember My Journey

Remember My Journey creates a space for families and friends to memorialize and remember the life – not the death – of a loved one. By building a timeline of memories, photos, videos, and more, family and friends can contribute to the beautiful memory of an individual who has lived their own journey.

  • Record memories about all areas and aspects of a person’s life.

  • Capture photos and videos. Build beautiful memory timelines.

  • Connect with family and friends in the months after the service.

  • Directly integrates with our cemetery management software.

Virtual Tours

Your cemetery is a living, outdoor museum. Highlight your cemetery’s history and beauty by building tours of historical figures, foliage, and other interesting property features. Visitors can tour virtually from home or navigate the tour from their mobile devices while visiting your cemetery in person.

  • Create different tours highlighting your cemetery’s interesting features

  • Upload photography and detailed stories about each tour stop

  • Record audio to play at each tour stop location

  • Build tours that support cemetery events

Make it all available through your branded mobile app!

Your branded mobile app can be downloaded directly from your website and brings all the above functionality directly to the mobile devices of your visitors.

Just like with our management system, all of these tools interconnect. If you add a new record into Cemetery Management, families will be able to search and locate that individual using our mobile app.

Get in front of more families!

Our account managers have been in your shoes working in cemeteries. They will help you with strategies and materials for marketing this software to your community.

  • February 15, 2024

    webCemeteries announces new enhancements to Remember My Journey, a platform designed for families to digitally memorialize their loved ones.

  • December 6, 2023

    Software companies like webCemeteries offer the option to digitize records and store them on the cloud, where they can be accessed remotely. Creating a digital copy of their records is one of the most important things a cemetery can do to preserve history, protect themselves against data loss, and provide better service to the families in their care.

  • April 13, 2023

    In our increasingly digital world, many people go to the internet first to look up any business or service, including cemeteries. Presenting yourself online is imperative to help convince families to reach out to with you in person. It’s never too late to improve your online presence or create one for the first time. Consider the following focus areas.

We have been awarded three KIP awards by the ICCFA for our public software!

Why choose webCemeteries?

Spring Grove partnered with webCemeteries to release their Remember My Journey platform on our website which has been a big win for our families and staff. Not only can our families leave memorials, photos, and other memories of their loved ones, they are also empowered through the use of the mobile platform to receive turn-by-turn driving and walking directions to their loved ones’ locations in the park. The team at webCemeteries were excellent to work with and made the process very smooth to implement by providing ongoing training and support to ensure it was well received by the public.

Gary Freytag, President & CEO
Spring Grove Cemetery & Arboretum