Kutztown, PA – webCemeteries, a cemetery software company who specializes in cemetery management and family-facing software, has partnered with Global Payments Integrated to bring integrated payment processing to the cemetery sales process. Integrated payment processing increases the efficiency of the sales process by quickly and securely accepting payments, automating recurring payments, and automatically posting payments against the correct contract and customer account. Families are given the flexibility to choose a payment option that best suits their needs, elevating the customer experience.

“Writing contracts and receiving payment should be easy, and now it is,” said Nick Timpe, CEO of webCemeteries. “We’ve removed the math and the paperwork so that the cemetery can focus on the family. Our digital contracts will calculate all of the prices and payment terms, and now you can schedule automatic payments that post against the contract.”

Integrated payment processing offers several convenient payment options for families and streamlines bookkeeping for cemetery staff. Families can set up automated recurring payments to charge their bank account or credit card monthly and receive an electronic receipt for each payment. Alternatively, the cemetery staff can text or email secure payment links to customers, or can accept payment via a physical or virtual terminal. All of these options automatically post the payment to the correct contract with printable or electronic receipts available for the family.

To learn more about webCemeteries’ payment processing solutions and digital contracts, contact our sales team at 800-653-7049.

webCemeteries provides award-winning technology solutions to cemeteries to help manage records and operations, elevate customer experience, increase sales, and generate online leads.

Global Payments Integrated helps software developers grow their business by delivering secure and comprehensive payment solutions that add significant value to their software. As a Global Payments Company, Global Payments Integrated is driving payments innovation in software applications – supporting the quickly changing ways payments are processed while delivering industry-standard technical and customer support.

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This [website] project was quite an odyssey with plenty of twists and turns. The webCemeteries website design team weathered the storm. I think it’s more than fair to say that without their efforts, we would not have gotten this over the finish line…and with such an excellent outcome.

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